AnnaAnnaManly NSW
I hadn’t been taking care of myself for a while and met Nick through a recommendation from a friend. I immediately felt comfortable with Nick. He has a very likeable personality, communicates clearly and I felt safe to disclose information about myself. He helped me recognise and heal my fear of intimacy, loneliness and other associated emotions and beliefs I held about myself. No stranger to meditation I especially loved the H.A.R.T experience – I especially liked meeting a cell of my heart and giving it a hug! Since my sessions, my food choices have improved, I’m respecting my body more and an unexpected by product has been the ability to be intimate in relationship, which has given me what I was really hungry for; human connection.
WarwickWarwickWoy Woy NSW
Nick was referred to me by a friend and when I met him I was struck by his intelligence and warm sincerity and I liked and trusted him immediately. I’ve had an ongoing battel with chronic fatigue for over 17 years and agreed to try a different approach. In the first session I soon realised that all I had to do was ‘let go’ and be guided by Nick. As our time progressed I found his sensitive guidance of his to be very constructive and surprisingly beneficial. He grounds you in a very personal and private space – your heart, which then works as a base of further ‘operations’ i.e, dealing with specific issues of concern or difficulties. During our sessions he was very skilfully able to employ simple but profound techniques to help me achieve an easier balance in myself, a deeply satisfying increase in self-respect and greater self-awareness – I was impressed! I unequivocally recommend Nick.
LewinaLewina Bondi NSW
I came to see Nick to help me get on track with a healthier lifestyle and reduce some of the work related stress I was experiencing. My work load was causing me to feel very anxious and demotivated me to focus on my self-love and care. After a few sessions with Nick I’m now flourishing in my fitness again, feeling stronger to put boundaries between myself and my work and using the tools and techniques he showed me to alleviate a stressful state when it arises. Nick was incredibly supportive, caring and non-judging and through that trust we were able to get to the cause of some limitations. It’s such an amazing feeling to free yourself from those ‘dark little clouds’ that have followed you around for so long and I can’t recommend Nick enough to help you do this.

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