7 Ways to Develop your Intuition

Unfortunately as we grow up we aren’t usually taught how to tap into, develop and practically use our intuition, but here are X things you can do to start turning up the volume on that ‘inner voice’. If this is all new to you please know that this is a journey which is unlikely to just ‘happen’ one day. It’s something that is going to take focus, effort and practice, much like learning a musical instrument. It’s a fact that what we practice we get better at and we only achieve the goals that we focus on. Try any one of these tips and just be open to noticing any changes.

  1. Meditate daily. Logically speaking if you want to get more in touch with the guidance within you, then it makes total sense to ‘go there’, that is, ‘go within’. Spending some time every day in a meditative state using a technique that works for you is probably the single most powerful thing you could do to develop your intuition. With a little research on Youtube it’s easy to a find person and or process that you resonate with. Once you’ve found one, stick to it! What’s more important than how long you do it for, 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes, is developing the habit to do it. This may take some effort at the start but as you start to notice changes and improvements (and you will), meditation will slowly start to go up the priority list of your day and that’s when you will value it. A simple way to start (which is the way I began my meditative practice over 13 years ago), is to light a candle in darkened room and stare at the flame using it as a point of focus to help calm down the ‘racing mind’. After a few minutes, bring your awareness to your breath while continuing to gaze at the flame. Even doing this for just 5 minutes a day can produce amazing results for mind, body spirit.
  2. Connect With the Moment Often. Take a moment to consider how much of your life is lived either in the past or the future. When I say ‘your life’, I mean the stuff going on in your head. The business of our lives these days is like a thief, robbing us of just BEING in the moment. The very name of who we are kind of gives it away; HUMAN BEINGS. It’s not human DOINGS or human THINKINGS. A simple way to do get into the moment literally in any moment of your life no matter where you are or who’s around, is to simply become acutely aware of some of your senses in any moment. The feeling of the floor under your feet, the feeling of the clothes on your shoulders, the sounds around you, any smells, looking closely at all the different textures around you, any lingering flavours of the last thing you ate or drank. Easier than all this however, is to just focus on your breathing and slow it down a little while focusing on the rising and falling of your chest and belly. If you want to connect with the inner voice, you need to create the inner space for it to ‘come into’.
  3. Get Creative. Any time you are being creative, no matter in what shape or form, you are strengthening your connection with where creativity comes from. Creativity often comes hand-in-hand ‘getting into the flow’, whatever that means for you. It also allows you to get into a ‘zone’ whereby the monkey mind can calm down and when this happens inspiration often follows in the form of ideas, inspirations or ‘gut feelings’.
  4. Connect With Nature. It can be hard to describe, but there is often something soothing, calming and revitalising about spending time in nature. Don’t forget that its trees that emit what we inhale and they absorb what we exhale. This is such a simple fact, but one which we rarely stop to consider. It’s a small example of the symbiotic nature of life. Sitting on a park bench, being by the ocean, sitting in your garden, taking a light bush walk, being by a river and just ‘switching off’ for a short time, free from all the invisible EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) being emitted by all technology.
  5. Tune into people. You might just surprise yourself about your ability to sense information about people who barely know and/or have just met simply by ‘tuning in’. To do this, practice ‘getting to the moment’ as described above, bringing your attention to your chest and heart space. This will help you quieten your mind and once you’ve done this, simply be open to allow whatever comes to any of your 5 senses. It could be a picture, a voice or just the need to share something (if appropriate of course).
  6. Get Clear on Your Values. Once you’re crystal clear on what is truly important to you, not what others think should be important; you’ll begin to know when you’re straying from your personal integrity. Knowing your hierarchy of values will help you connect with that inner guidance because it is always trying to guide you towards the fulfilment of your highest values. In my opinion Dr John Demartini is the world’s leading expert on values, how to find out what they really are and then living by them. CLICK HERE to go to a short questionnaire that will help you get clear on your values in minutes.
  7. Get Out of Your Head. Consider all of the above, this may seem obvious to you, but it’s so important, it’s worth having its very own point. Practice the art of being able to feel things more rather than over analysing. Just becoming moving your awareness downwards from your head and more to the body will help you begin to pinpoint how and where your intuitive voice is most present within you. If you keep your awareness in your head, thinking about things all the time, you might well be cutting yourself off from the intelligence that resides in the trillions of cells that are in the rest of your body. It’s a scientific fact that the brain cells, called neurons are not only in the brain, but are actually all over the body. Interestingly enough, two places they are extremely concentrated is the stomach and the heart. Ever had a ‘gut feeling’ about something, or just knew in your ‘heart of hearts’ what you had to do despite what your head was telling you to do? Hm . . .