8 Facts about the Heart that will Blow your Mind!

To bring more heart into the world, we need to create a ‘heart-cantered ripple effect’ which begins within our very own hearts. I don’t mean this in a squishy way, but a practical way. In order to allow the intelligence of your heart to flow to you and from you, it’s important to understand what recent science has discovered about the human heart over the last few decades. The following 8 facts about the heart have been discovered and written about by The Heart Math Institute in California. When I first heard about these facts, it blew my mind and I’m sure some of them will do the same for you. These facts will begin to turn the wheels of your mind (and heart) that I’m sure will get you thinking about your intelligent heart in an entirely new way.

FACT 1: Due to its complex nervous system of 40,000 neurons and biochemistry, Dr J. Andrew Armour coined the term ‘Heart Brain’ in 1991 and has since even been referred to as the ‘little brain’. Because of this, it has an enormous sensory capacity allowing the heart to act independently of the brain.

FACT 2: The neurology of the heart contains both long and short-term cellular memory.

FACT 3: The heart sends more electrical and sensory information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart.

FACT 4: Your heart emits an energetic field that is electrically 100 times more powerful than the brain and magnetically 500 times more powerful than the brain. This emission can be felt by others and detected by measuring devices several feet away from the body.

FACT 5: Coherent and harmonious heart rhythms produced by heart-centred positive emotions help overall brain connectivity and function facilitating an increase in creativity, problem solving.

FACT 6: During foetal development the heart is formed and starts beating before brain development.

FACT 7: Positive heart-centred emotions create many neurological, psychological and physiological benefits that increase the immune system while negative states and emotions produce the opposite.

FACT 8: The heart beat and rhythm of a new born baby can synchronise to the brainwaves of its mother even when they are a few feet apart.

These 8 facts about your heart have most scientists in agreement that the heart is more than just a muscle pumping blood around your body. The Heart Math Institute is constantly conducting research and developing technology to understand and implement the practical every day benefits of connecting with the heart in a very specific way. The implications and possibilities of what your intelligent heart has to offer may just blow your mind.