The BIGGEST Reason WHY You Should ‘follow your heart’

As a hypnotherapist I know how easily ‘programmed’ we can be. You may have heard the analogy in the past that we are like machines running on programs. Our ‘hardware’ can be thought of as our physical organs, lungs, bones, nerves, eyes etc. Our ‘software’, is all of that nonphysical stuff like our emotions, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, personality even how we make decisions.

Now here’s the interesting thing about this, most of us have an intuitive sense of the truth behind the simple wise old statement that has been thrown around for more years than anyone can remember, the statement:

‘Follow your heart’

Buy have you ever really stopped to ask yourself WHY we say this instead of ‘follow your brain’? I mean, after all, isn’t the brain really smart? Should we be following that organ instead? Hm . . . 

Maybe the heart should be followed because of the human qualities that have long been associated with the ‘heart’, things like love, care, compassion, kindness, appreciation, empathy, etc. Isn’t it interesting that when we want to express deep sincerity we don’t say things like ‘I love you with all my brain’, ‘that person is close to my brain’, or ‘i mean that from the bottom of my brain’. It’s all about heart isn’t it?

But let’s set aside the feel-good sentiment for a moment a take a more science-based approach which might shed a little more light on this.

The scientific research that has been conducted by The Institute of HeartMath, as well as other researchers, has revealed amazing insights into the heart and its capacity to do SO MUCH more than just pump blood. It turns out that the human heart has neurons that sense, learn, remember and adapt. Not only that, but when observing the information exchange between brain and heart, it turns out that a HUGE 90% of that information is going from heart to brain and only 10% in the other direction going from brain to heart. 

Over the ages the human heart has been referred to as ‘that little voice inside’, the seat of our intuition, but here is the biggest reason WHY you should listen to i, and its for this simple reason; the heart, as opposed to the brain, is immune to programming from the external world! Let me explain how and why.





Using the machine hardware / software analogy mentioned above, you see, from the moment you are born your hardware is pretty much all there, but what your software is yet to be ‘installed’ so-to-speak. The eventual way we will see the world, the way we will think, our beliefs, attitudes, perceptions even down to the way we make decisions will all be ‘programmed’ into us and the most fundamental of these programs will be pretty much set by the time we are 7 years old. 

At a young age we are constantly being influenced, mostly in very subtle ways, by our environment. This includes our parents, siblings, friends, school mates, teachers, society, cultural norms, TV, radio, sports and cartoon heros, advertising etc. All of these are basically messages which our conscious, but mostly our unconscious mind, is absorbing, whether we realise it or not. These are all shaping the way we are going to ‘show up’ in the world. This programming. believe it or not. is happening every time you’re in a naturally occurring hypnotic state.

Ops, hold the phone, did I just say NATURALLY OCCURING HYPNOTIC STATE?. I sure did. Just when you thought you couldn’t be hypnotised right? Think again.

These are all times when your unconscious mind is wide open to suggestion from your external environment. Everyone can relate to those moments when you’re ‘in the zone’, or when you’ve ‘zoned out’, or ‘off with the fairies’. Ever driven to a destination, and when you arrived you suddenly realised you have no idea how you go there? Ever watched TV so intensely that you didn’t even hear your partner calling your name in the other room? Well, guess what? These are ALL examples of hypnotic states where your unconscious mind, or ‘auto pilot’, is being ‘programmed’. They don’t call it TELEVISION PROGRAMMING for nothing you know, its programming your mind (usually to buy more stuff you don’t need!).

It’s important to highlight that many programs are very useful for us to function in our environment. I mean, imagine if every single little thing you do was as if it was for the very first time, what a horrible life right? Thank god for our auto pilot! However, there are many programs that hold us back from living the fullest life we can. Things like fear, anxiety, doubt, uncertainty, anger, etc. More often than not, these are just the result of some unhelpful programming that has created some unhelpful beliefs and our beliefs rule our reality.

The heart on the other hand, is BEYOND all of this programming because those naturally occuring trance states have absolutely no influence over heart the way it does on the brain. It simply is not ‘wired up’ that way. Hence the reason why you can trust that little inner whisper as being the voice of who you really are. Sure, your brain might immediately have an opinion and reject what the heart is saying, but next time that happens, just ask yourself, ‘is this my mental programming kicking in?’

Try following your heart for just a few weeks and see what happens.


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