H.A.R.T Intelligence Quiz

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Answer these 25 multiple choice questions to see how connected you are to your intuitive heart's intelligence.

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1. I feed my brain with as much information and knowledge as possible
2. When making important decisions, I chose logic over ‘hunches’ and ‘gut feelings’
3. I receive a lot of my energy from work, friends, family and society
4. My mind is very full of thoughts and mind chatter
5. I’m apprehensive about ‘letting people in’
6. I get uncomfortable if people I barely know start ‘pouring their heart out’ to me.
7. My personal time is taken up with things that need to be done rather than expressions of my creativity.
8. If I had any doubts about getting into an intimate relationship, I’ll avoid ‘going there’ all together
9. Intimate relationships are scary
10. When faced with a problem I will think intensely about it to find a solution
11. I find it hard to ‘switch off’, ‘unwind’ and ‘do nothing’
12. In my life, I feel like a salmon swimming upstream
13. I take criticism personally and negatively often ‘bitting back’
14. I feel I don’t (or didn’t) get enough unconditional love from one or both of my parents
15. People often tell me to ‘chill out’, ‘relax’ and/or ‘let go’
16. I feel that most people will take advantage of you if you let them
17. I feel unenthusiastic and/or uninspired and/or bored with my life at the moment
18. I feel undeserving of love
19. My goals are only achieved only after lots of struggle, ‘blood, sweat and tears’
20. I self-criticise and self-judge
21. I let negative feelings boil and simmer until they burst out
22. It’s hard for me to speak about ‘matters of the heart’
23. I feel that my deepest creativity is not being fully expressed
24. It’s hard for me to accept love and affection
25. When it comes to getting what I want, It feels like me ‘against the world’

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