Intuition Revival


Revive your intelligent heart’s intuition. Discover what your inner most intuition looks, feels and sounds like. Learn how to tap into your ‘inner flow’ to develop essential trust to know what you need to know – when you need to know it.


All packages include a pre and post-session kit including:

• Preparation (MP3 audio or reading)

• Pre session questionnaire

• Post session MP3’s, tools and techniques.


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The kit will prepare you for your transformation and to help you to continue your journey long after your time with Nick. All sessions conducted in person utilise the Heart Coherence Technology developed by The HeartMath® Institute called The emWave® Pro, which allows you to see in real time your Heart-Resonance, assisting you to emotionally self-regulate get more coherent about what the stresses are in your life and your heart’s response to them. Nick will then work with you to alleviate and release the blockages and stressors standing in the way of your own intuitive heart connection.
Results: Nine out of ten clients report significant improvements in their ability to be intuitively guided from using this technique.
Pricing: This package is delivered via 4 x 60 minute sessions over a period of 6-8 weeks depending on availability at a cost of: $595.00(Inc GST)


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