Online Course: The Science of Your Connected Heart

Are you ready to understand how connected you (and your heart) are? Nick would like to share something really special with you; the science that underlies The Heart Alpha Resonance Technique. This online course and global community of like-minded critical thinkers has been created by The Resonance Academy that is dedicated to the exploration of the principles of unified physics. Unified physics is an emerging scientific paradigm with profound world-changing implications and applications for self, community and planet.


‘The Delegate Program: Exploring the Connected Universe’ is a self-paced online course created for the layman of science to help facilitate a fundamental shift in the way we see the world, our place in it and empower us to make a difference on this planet. When we grasp the scientific evidence that we are all connected (including our hearts), our perception of the Universe completely shifts.


Nick is proud to be an Ambassador and graduate of The Resonance Academy and The Delegate Program because of the profound changed it has made in his life and the lives of his clients.

Excited? Click on the link below to take the next step and join Nick in this adventure of discovery!